Have you ever wondered how to measure the effectiveness of your cannabis content marketing strategy?


What about how to promote your cannabis brand on social media while remaining compliant?


On Thursday, March 11 at 10:30am PST, join cannabis and CBD marketing experts from Weedmaps and Hearst Bay Area for the virtual event, “How Cannabis Brands Can Win with Content Marketing,” a panel discussion about solutions to the most frustrating marketing challenges that cannabis businesses face today.


Promoting brands in the cannabis industry is notoriously difficult.


Between changing regulations, inconsistencies between advertising platforms, and a lack of customer education about cannabis products, it’s no surprise that many marketing teams get discouraged.


That’s why we called in the experts.


Our expert group of panelists include Lesley Nickus, Senior Manager, Brand Strategy at Weedmaps; Ikaika Nakoa, Account Executive at Hearst Bay Area; and Misty Ahmadi, Director of Social Media at Hearst Bay Area.


On March 11, they’ll share what they’ve learned from their wealth of experience helping cannabis brands reach their business goals. Each of our speakers offers a unique perspective and a distinct area of expertise – you won’t want to miss this.


Tune in to get your answers to questions like, “How do you measure the effectiveness of your content strategy?” and “what is more effective: cooperation with influencers or a well-thought-out content strategy?”’


Register here to save your spot.

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