Fyllo Compliance Cloud, a digital marketing company focused on the cannabis industry, commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting in November 2020 that examines the pivotal role second-party data plays in strategic planning, and exposes a foundational new audience for growth—cannabis and CBD consumers. More than ever, marketers across different verticals (from CPG, to healthcare and big box retail) are seeking differentiated sources of data in order to keep their audience insights fresh. The study, which surveyed…

So what’s the deal with weed? It’s sort of legal, but also not really. It’s a plant … or at least a flower that’s derived from one. Back when it mostly grew out of the ground, it was demonized by Nixon’s DEA as a gateway drug; now that it’s taxable and grown in hulking, byzantine […]

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The ground is constantly shifting in the cannabis industry, and One Plant, along with dozens of other cannabis retailers, hit more bumps in the road as the pandemic hit. Despite the challenges, both regulatory and economic, the team at One Plant has persevered when it comes to dealing with whatever comes their way. Jason Krulicki, Partner at One Plant Prior to opening One Plant, you helped start the Growth Op cannabis publication in 2018. What…

This article explains how cannabis marketing has shifted rapidly toward the digital realm as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and explains how one cannabis retailer has evolved their marketing strategy to thrive in the era of online ordering, delivery, and curbside pickup. The author represents PrograMetrix, a Seattle-based programmatic advertising agency that specializes in helping cannabis, CBD, and hemp brands run compliant digital ad campaigns.

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The growing and sustained popularity of CBD among Americans is rapidly making the cannabinoid a relevant part of the US consumer packaged goods landscape, and that’s got the attention of the companies who intend to earn by supplying that enormous landscape with CBD-infused everything, including and especially large cannabis companies like Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY). Stateside, […]

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TORONTO — The Toronto Wolfpack will be walking advertisements for one of their own products in 2020 with the brand Rugby Strength, a CBD-infused body cream, featured on the front of their jerseys for the Super League season. Air Transat adorned the jerseys of the transatlantic rugby league team in its first three years of existence. A Wolfpack spokesman says […]

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