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On August 13, 2020, Hobo Cannabis announced a rebrand, opening two new Ontario stores under their new name, Dutch Love. For Dutch Love, formerly Hobo Cannabis, it means owning and operating a total of fourteen retail cannabis stores, Canada wide. Hobo Cannabis A lot of their locations are in Ontario but they can also be […]

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The ground is constantly shifting in the cannabis industry, and One Plant, along with dozens of other cannabis retailers, hit more bumps in the road as the pandemic hit. Despite the challenges, both regulatory and economic, the team at One Plant has persevered when it comes to dealing with whatever comes their way. Jason Krulicki, Partner at One Plant Prior to opening One Plant, you helped start the Growth Op cannabis publication in 2018. What…

“In the cannabis industry, you can’t create brand loyalty without authenticity,” says Ray Gracewood, Sr. VP of Marketing & Communications at Organigram. Read more in this exclusive interview. Tell us about your background – and how you ended up in the cannabis industry? I was in the beverage alcohol industry for 12 years previous, and I’ve always loved building brands. Developing brand positioning, marketing strategy, and brand identity is what fuels my creativity, and in…

Author: Jeff Goldenberg is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Abacus, which was recently named the Best Cannabis Agency in Canada by AdCann. He is also a partner in High 12 Brands, a cannabis CPG company. Let’s face it, cannabis stores in Canada are kind of weird. Imagine being a new cannabis user and going to a store for the first time. You start waiting in a lineup, and you show your ID even…

The growing and sustained popularity of CBD among Americans is rapidly making the cannabinoid a relevant part of the US consumer packaged goods landscape, and that’s got the attention of the companies who intend to earn by supplying that enormous landscape with CBD-infused everything, including and especially large cannabis companies like Tilray Inc. (NASDAQ:TLRY). Stateside, […]

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Flowers and chocolates have always been the popular way to say ‘I love you,’ for Valentine’s Day, but this year a fair share of consumers will look to incorporate cannabis into this special day. This is the first year where cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals are legal in Canada, opening new doors for marketers to promote and market cannabis brands this Valentine’s Day to holiday shoppers. In February 2019, Lift & Co released the results of…

TORONTO — The Toronto Wolfpack will be walking advertisements for one of their own products in 2020 with the brand Rugby Strength, a CBD-infused body cream, featured on the front of their jerseys for the Super League season. Air Transat adorned the jerseys of the transatlantic rugby league team in its first three years of existence. A Wolfpack spokesman says […]

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Author: Jim Davis, MiQ cannabis lead In 2018, Canada became the only G20 nation to legalize recreational cannabis use. And the law has become even more relaxed, as cannabis derivatives like edibles, drinks, topical creams and vapes are now legal. If you’re in the cannabis business, this is huge. The new products are likely to lead to new buyers among existing users and people who are cannabis-curious. The challenge for cannabis marketers is finding this audience,…

Located in Vancouver’s popular Kitsilano neighborhood, this marks Hobo’s third Vancouver location VANCOUVER, BC (November 5, 2019) — Hobo Cannabis Company (“Hobo”) today announces the opening of its fifth store nationally, located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood (1952 West 4th Avenue). This marks Hobo’s third Vancouver location, following their Airport (8425 Granville Street) and Main Street […]

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The 2019 Canadian federal election came to an end last night, with Justin Trudeau once again coming out on top, winning the mandated to return to Ottawa as our Prime Minister, albeit this time with a minority government. So with the Liberals staying in power for a second term, does that mean it’s business as […]

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