Celebrity endorsements have long served as an effective marketing tool for brands looking to reach large target audiences in a single swoop.

For normal, federally legal industries, like sports, fashion, and beauty, it’s a straight shot from the celebrity or influencer endorsement to the pipeline of consumerism. Unless a Kendall Jenner/Pepsi-esqe fiasco occurs, there’s little risk for the celebrity or the brand in terms of backlash. Everyone makes a ton of money and voila.

But what happens when the industry itself is not only federally illegal, but occupies a polarizing space in the matrix of public acceptance? In addition, what if the audience of this industry was largely composed of a wary subculture eager to expose the celebrity, as well as the brand, for being inauthentic, illegitimate, or worst of all, uncool?

Celebrity marketing in cannabis requires a unique approach to the idea itself, as well as a unique celebrity to ensure a brand or product’s success.