Before any CBD brand spends a dime on advertising, there are significant improvements a dispensary website can make to build trust with users searching for their product or service.

Before writing any content for the website, keyword research must take place to ensure content aligns with terms frequently used by people searching. Questions such as, “does my target audience search for Full Spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate?” Are users searching for terms such as medical marijuana or medicinal marijuana? Differences in the way people search could mean the competitor ranks higher for the services you provide. Thinking five steps ahead, building a targeted keyword list ensures every campaign content moving forward aligns itself with the core message of the product or service. A simple tool such as Ubersuggest allows brands to find the most relevant keyword variations for their business.

Once establishing the core set of keywords, they can be applied across the website through the meta, title, alt tags, and product descriptions which builds a solid foundation for search engine crawlers. On-Site SEO also includes ensuring every link on the site is functional while every broken link is redirected. Things break all the time and with on-page SEO, catching these before search engines do puts the website at a greater advantage over competitors who do not realize their users have a horrible site experience.

The backbone of all SEO is the ability to create useful, shareable content that is the industry leader in a particular subject. Optimizing product descriptions is not enough to ensure traffic comes to the site. Google only loves websites that have proven to be valuable and by producing content that others want to share signals its popularity.