As it introduces its products to Canadians this week, Truss Beverages is aiming to help consumers ease their way into cannabis-infused drinks, working with AOR Rethink to create rolling papers that can easily be turned into straws.

An online video shows exactly how rolling papers can be turned into straws, saying it is a “new way” for people to enjoy cannabis as they might be familiar with it – referring not just to the repurposed papers, but to Truss’ cannabis drinks as a whole.

This week, Truss unveiled its five new cannabis beverage brands, each one targeted at a different occasion in the brand-new category. They include the wellness-focused Veryvell, House of Terpenes for socializing and the more general and approachable Little Victory.

However, Sean McDonald, managing partner and head of strategy at Rethink, says the cannabis beverage company wanted to also take a masterbrand approach as a way to introduce Truss as a company, with campaigns launching individual product brands coming at some point in the future.