Green Market Report:   Jay Jackson is a man of many talents. He’s known as a female illusionist, but he’s also a choreographer and he’s an advocate for cannabis. One of the things that he has done in his brand building is that he has been able to straddle the world between female performance and cannabis. So, Jay, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to Green Market Report. How did you decide that this was going to be your persona, Laganja Estranja?

Jay Jackson:                        Well, first off, thank you so much for having me. I’m so grateful to anyone who is giving my voice some cadence in the world. And second of all, how I got to this position that I’m in today. It’s a long, long journey, but the shortened version is that I like to say drag chose me. I did not choose drag. I went to school to be a dancer and a choreographer. I grew up as a performer my whole life. So I had this innate ability to entertain people, but it wasn’t until really in college that the wig, the makeup, all of the things that come along with the art form of drag really happened for me. Because up to that point, I was just focused on dance.

Jay Jackson:                        So it was a magical experience that really changed my life. I had no idea in the beginning that one day people would be in line with joints for me. The cannabis activist part of my journey really has been a wonderful surprise and something that I’m very proud of because as I’ve learned and gotten an education, there’s a strong linkage between the LGBTQIA+ community and the cannabis community. And I really feel like I’m a good reminder of that and hopefully, doing some new important work in those spaces.

Green Market Report:   So, how did you come up with that name? Because I know that performers, really it’s almost like coming up with a band name. It’s so important. And once you choose it, it sticks with you. So how did you come to this name?