A secret, moveable feast has been doing the rounds in Toronto. The menu is unique, the guest list confidential and the venue, only a select few have access to — and only a few days prior to the event.

It’s the Enlightened Dining Club, a monthly, secret supper club hosted by the cannabis lifestyle brand byMINISTRY. The dining series aims to be about more than just getting high. And with a price of $100 to $150 per person, it will certainly be reserved for special occasions.

In a sneak preview, four such infused dining events were hosted in the city this month — The GrowthOp attended the third. The fourth event was a sold-out, ticketed event attended by 50 people at a gallery space in the western fringe of the downtown core of the city. The five-course meal was prepared by Ted Corrado, culinary director for byMINISTRY.

“We are a design-forward company, so every dish was created keeping this element in mind,” says Corrado, who has previously worked in The Drake Hotel and the Royal Ontario Museum kitchen as head chef.