People often categorize particular talents or behaviors as “right-brain” or “left-brain” thinking. Individuals who are right-brained lead with intuition and creativity. People often describe them as free thinkers. On the other hand, left-brained people are thought to be more quantitative, analytical—the data heads.

While there’s some truth to where certain brain functions lie, scientists also know that reasoning and creativity are not mutually exclusive. As a person who has spent the last three decades in advertising, branding, entertainment, and the digital landscape, you might assume I lead with the right side of my brain. But creativity is often inspired by hard data rather than gut feelings.

Some of the most iconic companies globally—Apple, IBM, HP, McDonald’s, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen —develop their brands and their customer experiences by applying an amalgamation of proven methods, research, data, and digital technologies that foster emotional consumer connections.

Increasingly sophisticated legal cannabis companies must also adopt this approach to compete with mainstream industries. Why are they doing this? Smart brands realize that they are experiences and not just created in a vacuum.