Since last weekend, purchases at the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) have been steadily increasing.

That’s according to Daffyd Roderick, director of communications for OCS, who told strategy that last Saturday there were almost 3,000 orders (an 80% increase over the average Saturday), while Sunday saw more than 4,000 orders, a 100% increase from the previous week. On Monday, there were more than 6,000 orders. It’s a boost for a recreational industry that has dealt with misjudged demand, an inconsistent retail rollout and ongoing competition from the illicit market (which is less attractive amidst social distancing practices).

Paul Lawton, chief strategy officer and founding partner at cannabis-focused agency Sister Merci, is not surprised by the increase, given how many consumers use cannabis when they are feeling anxiety, stress or boredom – helped along by a recreational system that has superseded the medical one for some users – but says brands should be thoughtful about continuing to use some of the euphemistic language to reach those people.

“If you look at other countries, there’s going to be days or weeks of intense anguish and existential terror and hardship,” he says. “That’s probably not the best time for some of your brand messaging, but it’ll oscillate with times where people are just looking to be entertained and informed, and that could be a welcome retreat from just looking at your newsfeed and waiting for the next wave to knock you over.”