48North is a vertically integrated cannabis company focused on the health and wellness market. In May this year, 48North received an outdoor cultivation licence from Health Canada for its organic farm (“Good:Farm”) – home to the Canada’s first and largest environmentally friendly commercial outdoor cannabis crop. The company promoted this milestone with their latest cannabis advertising campaign called Join the Revolution which was nominated by AdCann for best campaign of the year.

In the company’s press release, Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North said:

We are now working from a position of strength, with the lowest-cost, highest-quality source of organic, sun-grown cannabis in the country. With 250,000 seeds planted at Good:Farm, 48North is truly ready for Canadians to see the Good.

Alison Gordon, CEO of 48North

Alison and former co-CEO Jeannette VanderMarel were interviewed on Midas Letter about the Good:Farm noting that producing organically grown cannabis aligns with their values as an organization and caters to modern customers who care about that. Alternatively, brands like Up Cannabis connect with customers through music by honing in on creating strategic partnerships in the music and entertainment space.

When Alison started 48North, the company was focused on creating products that women will love, and although she says they are no longer positioning themselves to be a female focused company, the brand and cannabis products are still unique, innovative and appeal to women. 

48North – the latitude for a life well lived.